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UAF Inside Out Spring 2019

3/8/2019, 08:00AM - 04:00PM (GMT-09:00) Alaska Standard Time (America/Anchorage)
Check in at the Regents' Great Hall in the Fine Arts Complex.

The Discover UAF: Inside Out program is our most comprehensive preview day. Students and parents will have the opportunity to ask questions, get answers and experience life at UAF during Inside Out.

We'll turn the university inside out so you can get the real story on financial aid, the admission process, classes and professors at UAF, extracurricular fun, and our outstanding academic programs.

Here are just a few of the things you'll be able to do when you attend Inside Out:

  • Meet with admissions and financial aid representatives
  • Discover academic and undergraduate research opportunities
  • Preview university life and the residential experience
  • Tour campus
  • Enjoy a free lunch on us!

*If you have questions regarding this event please email us at

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Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development
Improve the quality of life in Alaska’s indigenous and rural communities through preparation for management and leadership positions in village governments, corporations, organizations and government agencies.

Business and Management
Innovation in teaching, discovery and service prepares students for professional success in the fields of accounting, business administration, economics and emergency management.

Career and Technical Education
Associate’s, certificate, and occupational endorsement programs prepare students for the workforce in public safety, technical and trade fields, and the healthcare industry.

Prepare for a career in K-12 education while developing a deep understanding of the cultural, environmental and emotional context of education in Alaska’s diverse communities.

Engineering and Mining
Engineers invent, design or improve machines, structures and systems we use every day. Help build a better world through civil and environmental, computer science, electrical and computer, mechanical, mining and geological, and petroleum engineering.

Liberal Arts -- Humanities, Social Sciences, Languages, and the Arts
The liberal arts explore the human experience by studying arts, humanities, social sciences, human behavior and languages so that we can better understand and interpret the world and our place in it.

Marine Biology, Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
Healthy communities, cultures and economies depend on healthy oceans and waterways. You can help protect and promote this vital resource through fisheries, marine biology or oceanography.

Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Studying natural sciences opens a world of career possibilities. Explore geosciences, forensic chemistry, physics, space science, biomedicine, wildlife conservation, environmental science or mathematics, to name just a few.

General Studies -- Undecided and Undeclared
Unsure what you want to study? Not ready to declare a major? Learn how you can explore academic and career interests while satisfying general education requirements.

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We will be offering a special tour for individuals with mobility challenges. A typical tour includes approximately 45 minutes of continuous walking on paved surfaces. If you or any of your guests would like additional accommodation to meet your needs, please check the above box.

If you are a senior and haven't applied yet, we will be offering On-the-Spot Admissions during Inside Out. Your admission fee is waived and your admission is processed the day of the event. You'll receive an email with additional instructions.

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